Selling a Business

Deciding whether and when to sell a business is normally an emotional experience for any business owner. Your blood, sweat, sacrificing and tears have gone into this, your “baby”, for years. This is much more than a financial transaction, and needs to be dealt with as such.

The most important thing you can do now is to continue to run and grow the business, and leave the sale of your business to a professional business broker.

Keys to Successful Transition

Now you’ve decided that it’s time to move on. You are not only committed to your investment, but that of your faithful employees and customers over all the years. Keeping the decision confidential, valuing the business properly, finding the perfect buyer – all are critical to the success of the transaction, as is a smooth transition after the sale.

As part of Business Acquisitions selling process, we will assist you during the entire process, “soup to nuts” to quote an old phrase. We will generate three sets of documents with a seller:

Once these documents are complete and accepted by the seller, Business Acquisitions will begin marketing the business. We will begin identifying potential buyers/investors from our own extensive, proprietary database of qualified buyers in all SIC categories. These potential buyers are individuals, public and private companies as well as the fast-growing number of foreign buyers who are currently seeking American acquisitions.

We only work with pre-qualified, capable buyers, and only reveal the opportunity to a prospective purchaser after we have been shown their financial ability to purchase. Our marketing extends from the local area to our associates located nationally and internationally.

Confidentiality Agreements

Business Acquisitions Brokerage is extremely careful to protect the confidentiality of the seller. We realize what is at stake and make sure that all marketing is done discretely, without the name of the business being used. We will market your business without your employees, customers, suppliers, vendors or competitors knowing it is for sale. Its very important to keep the operation running smoothly during the selling process, without any distractions. Confidentiality Agreements must be signed by all parties as part of this ongoing effort.

Business Analysis Plan

As part of our Business Analysis Plan, Business Acquisitions Brokerage will conduct a market evaluation to determine the highest and best price for your business. Utilizing different valuation methods, sophisticated computer software programs, and the expertise of our brokers, we will provide a thorough evaluation to determine the market value of the business or property. We will consider hundreds of variables during our analysis such as net profits, location, years of service, facilities, customer base and loyalty, proprietary contracts or products, growth potential, trends, etc.

Business Positioning Plan

Once our Business Analysis Plan is complete, we will review it with you and incorporate it into the Business Positioning Plan. This Plan will also include the strategy for structuring the transfer, including the sellers future participation in the company, if any, timeframe for closing, additional due diligence options, and financing options.

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