Mergers & Acquisitions

Our Merger & Acquisition department can assist you whether you are seeking acquisitions or are looking to be acquired confidentially by a large organization.

The M&A Selling Process

This is different than simple “Business Brokerage”. The planning, confidentiality, tax repercussions, fees, costs, time, and need for competent counsel all increase exponentially. This is true for BOTH parties, not just the selling entity.

There are contracts, pre-closing non-compete agreements, employment agreements, consulting and management agreements, penalty cost agreements, and many others that are not in a “typical” business brokerage transaction.

Although M & A transactions are primarily for 100% of companies, some also make recapitalization investments where the present owner sells only a portion of their stock and remains in a management position of the company with a planned final exit strategy. Other times a “strategic alliance” is the preferred choice. Due to the inherent nature of the information released during due diligence, these require a much higher level of agreements that a normal 100% sale requires. Do NOT proceed down this road without COMPETENT COUNSEL.

Give Us a Call

If your business is either large enough or unique enough that the most logical purchaser would be another company or investment group, then our Mergers and Acquisitions division would be the most beneficial to you. This also is true if you’re only looking to sell part of your company and retain either minority or majority interest, as there are Investment Groups that seek those opportunities.

Our M&A division works with Private Equity Groups, Corporate Purchasers, Small Investment Groups, and Individual Wealthy Buyers depending upon the specific situation.

If your company fall into the M&A category, or if you’re not sure, then for a free, confidential discussion regarding your unique opportunity, please call our President, Tom Crumpton, directly at 404-423-8049.

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