Business Brokerage

With few exceptions, the purchase or sale of a business will be one of the largest (if not the largest) financial transaction you will ever be involved in. Business Acquisitions Brokerage specializes in assisting investors/buyers in the purchase of businesses, commercial property, or investment property.

Why Use a Business Broker?

There are two types of Business Brokerage Transactions, period
  1. Those that are done with the counseling of a Business Brokerage Professional.
  2. Those that wish they would have used the counseling of a Business Brokerage Professional.

It will also be one of your riskiest endeavors and will offer the least amount of informative data prohibiting you from making an educated decision on your own. Most of the information required to complete a thorough due diligence is not public or recorded and extremely difficult to obtain without proper resources; making it almost impossible to really know if you’re making a good decision or not.

Consult With Experts

You wouldn’t let your “tire guy” rebuild your engine or a General Practitioner perform heart or brain surgery, don’t let “any attorney or accountant” be your only counsel through this process. Depending upon the size of the transaction there are specific accounting, tax, and legal steps to maximize your true net profit as a seller, or costs as a buyer. We watched a corporate attorney for a national restaurant chain cost his company millions of dollars, because he neglected to obtain a document that would have been routine for a “transactional” attorney. Can you afford to lose millions of dollars doing it on your own? If not, then use a professional familiar with these transactions.

How We Can Help

Here are samples of questions you will need to know.

  1. What is EBITDA and how is it derived?
  2. How do I obtain that information to compute EBITDA?
  3. What are the tax consequences on this transaction?
  4. How do I market the business without risking letting my customers or employees know, and risk losing them and my business?
  5. What is the best way to fund a purchase?
  6. What other businesses for sale are competing with my business, and do they appear a better deal or opportunity?
  7. How do I make sure I am buying something solid, and the seller will stay interested in my success after I write them a check?

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